Mystery Monthly Subscription ( use code SUB24 at checkout )

Mystery Monthly Subscription ( use code SUB24 at checkout )

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This listing is for a LIMITED monthly subscription. Each box contains 4 bows ( piggies count as 1, so you could get 3 bows and 1 set of piggies! Who knows ) 

Boxes will go out the first week of the month (1st-5th) No print will be holiday specific. If you order / subscribe after the 5th, you can expect your box to ship the first week of the next month. If you order the last day of the month, your box will still ship the first week of the next month. ( Ex- you order last day of December, your bows ship first week of January ) if you order during the 1st-4th, your bows will still ship this first week. If the 5th happens to fall on a weekend / holiday it'll go out the next business day. This is to ensure an organized pattern of shipments. 

Each box will also contain a bonus extra. This could be a set of snapclips, sailors, clippies, a pixel, etc. All boxes are the same, all that can change is the hardware you choose ( clip, nylon headband, interchangeable )

You can absolutely purchase more than 1 box a month, however, they will come as 2 separate entities and be the same. 

There are absolutely 0 requests on boxes. Sneaks will be emailed to those who purchase a monthly reoccurring subscription, one time purchasers will have to wait until their parcel arrives. Once all mystery boxes are delivered, the full lineup will be posted to the public. ( for viewing only )

Each month the boxes are different. There will be no duplicate items to ensure you don't get doubles. There will be no refunds on mystery boxes. This is because of the nature of the item. When purchasing the mystery, you must understand there could potentially be a print you may dislike. 

I ( The Six Scent ) represents Luxe Fabric Supply, and have a plan with the owner(s) for these 4 prints a month. They are also a mystery to me until they arrive 👀 how fun! This plays a big part in why no requests are accepted. 

We will rotate each month the main base of the 4 bows. The bonus extra can be anything. But the main 4 will either be a fabric or a leather. 

February- Leather

March- Fabric

April- Leather 

May- Fabric

June- Leather

July- Fabric

August- Leather

September- Fabric

October- Leather

November- Fabric

December- Leather